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Government Contractor League, (GovCon League), (GCL) a membership of elite government contractors who provide outstanding products and services to federal, state and DoD agencies. They  have not only passed the tests of business savvy and structure but also the honesty, integrity, morals and principals that are maintained by the league membership.

Each member has its own growth pace, capabilities developments and missions. Each level of membership has resources that support the pace and support needed for the GOVCON League members to work within that level or step up to the next level. 

Only the highest level of GCL membership determines who will be approved for the new elite membership to keep, maintain and growth the quality and caliber of new upcoming membership candidates.  


Like no other membership or organization....we are structured to close new business! Our membership enjoys each others resources together allowing pre-qualified teams and subcontractors that open new doors and relationships.

We do this by creating small business teams to prosper all. This can only be done by building trust in partnering relationships. GovCon League builds those trusting relationships with our programs.

The League Memberships

Level 1

Level 1 Membership starts with the basic government contracting business community and how it operates without being able to predict sometimes.  

Level 1 Membership provides the time to understand how you can be part of the government contracting business community. 

Level 1 Membership includes discounts to all GovCon League Meetings and Merchant businesses that provide purchase discounts to the GovCon League Membership.  

Level 2

Level 2 Membership is the portal for training and preparation for entering into Level 3 GovCon League status and certification. 

Provisions of Level 2

  • provides business being listed  in GCL directories internal and external
  • advertising and marketing resources with planning support
  • Level 3 mentor prepares Level 2 candidate for Level 3 evaluations and certifications
  • development of skills needed for Level 3 activities and contract wins

Level 3

The GovCon League Level 3 achievement indicates you are the "best of the best" in government contractors and have demonstrated outstanding business ethics and  commitment. 

Level 3 GovCon League  Members are the only members who can sponsor Level 2 canidates into Level 3 status.

All Level 3 GCL members review Level 2 candidates presented by sponsors and must approve them before awarded Level 3 GCL Membership.

This provides our family of membership will remain focused on integrity and expectations of excellence in business!

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Government Contracting League

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